3 Ways We’re Rebelling on Labor Day

What the heck? It’s Labor Day already? We don’t know about you, but we think this celebration comes on so fast, it should be called “Going into Labor Day.” Seriously. We just covered Memorial Day, and – aside from being able to send those pesky kids back to school – we say it’s way too soon to mark the end of summer. That’s why we’re rebelling. Here’s how to join us.

  1. Keep calling it summer.

First, who says Labor Day is the closing parenthesis of summer? Is this the Catskills in the 1960s? Our under-boobs are still sweating, and it’s still technically summer through September 22.  Based on this, our first act of rebellion is to just keep on summering past the three-day weekend. In fact, we may even plan a family trip. Kids in school and can’t go? These are details we’re willing to overlook. We’re rebels!

  1. Wear white.

Ugh. The old rule that says you can’t wear white past Labor Day? It’s another limitation circa Dirty Dancing. Well, we say nobody puts our favorite whites in a corner. We’re gonna wear the hell out of them! We may be even buy more. You can too. For example, get this White Hoodie Muscle Shirt and dare someone to say summer’s over.

Nixon & Co Boutique - White hoodie muscle shirt

Another white you’ll love past August: These hip White Cutout Joggers. These bottoms are stylish and functional – you can break the rules and then run away! You go, our summer sister!

Nixon & Co Boutique - White Jogger

  1. Jump in pools.

Oh, you know it. We’re going there. We don’t care if they already hosted “Doggie Dive 2018.” Or that they drained the water. We’re getting our tax dollars’ worth, and we’re climbing the fence. The fact that neighborhood pools close after Labor Day is further proof that they’re pushing summer out and rushing fall in.

Join us in boycotting this closure. Come lay with us on the hot concrete slab and enjoy the silence! It’s still summer! And we deserve our pool time!

But we’ll stop right here.

While Labor Day is here too soon, we are willing to concede to a few Labor Day customs. Remember: We’re rebellious. But we’re never stupid.

Knowing this, here are some things about Labor Day we will embrace:

  • The barbeque, picnic and party.
  • Sending the kids to school.
  • All Labor Day wine and beer sales

We’re so fair!

In conclusion, my ladies of summer. Join us getting the most of this season, right up through the damn solstice. Do not cut short our days in the sun. We’re just getting warmed up!

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