4 Bold Moves to Put a Spring in Your Spring

Spring is here. Officially. And we couldn’t be more excited. Well, we could. But that’s another blog, on another topic. We’ll keep it clean here, ladies, with these key pointers to bring in the season right.


First things first. Spring cleaning is not just a catchy term. It’s a rebirth. Spring is the ideal time to get out with the old, and purge your wintery, tired ways. We challenge you to not only deep clean, but also stop the madness.

Unless you’ve been under a rock, you’ve probably heard of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: the Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing. This book describes the Konmari Method, which involves thanking your belongings for their service, and then letting them go if they no longer spark joy. What does that mean? It means to touch everything you own, mindfully. If it doesn’t bring you joy, toss it.

We love this approach! For drawers! For closets! For homes! Er, for children! For spouses! Take this philosophy as far you want and embrace your new tidy life.


Now that you’ve thrown out everything that doesn’t bring you joy, celebrate spring by bringing new joy in. It’s time to shop, girlfriends!

Look what we have in stock!

~2018’s answer to the one piece. This look is hot! We bet you haven’t looked this adorable in a onesie since you were, well, one.

~Bling for spring. Layers of gold and silver are in, and we make it easy to make a statement. Check out all our accessories here.

~Rockin’ lobes. Spring spirit is light, and so are these beauties! Clear your calendar – you’ll need time to field the compliments.

~And hello Lido Deck! This is no Love Boat romper. We love this gorgeous halter one-piece in store now.

Check out more summer fashion trends of 2018 here.


Another thing to do this spring? Look in the mirror. How long has it been since you’ve had a quality cut or color. Are ends split? Has color faded?

Sometimes you may be too close to the situation to know that “there’s a situation.” Things can start to look “normal.” Perceptions can be hindered by fatigue and frenzy. Things could be bad. Real bad. Come in and we’ll give you an honest answer. And honest advice. Year-round. Trust us.


Finally, with all the new thinking and energy of spring, it is important to not lose perspective. Change is good, but only good change.

For example, don’t leave this page thinking that this look is trending.By this photo, we mean, no. And no, and no. You had us at the Sandra Bullock hair. And then it all went south. And chilly. Ladies, it’s only March. Brrr.

And goodness. Spring is a time for a new, sexy jacket. But not full metal jacket.

Just stop. And while you’re at it, with warm weather approaching, check the shorts. No one wants to see your panties. Or your panty liners.

One more thing, when you shop for knits, remember we mean knits – jersey tops, seasonal sweaters, easy add-ons. We don’t mean grandma’s latest project.

bad outfit - Nixon & Co BoutiqueNeedles generally don’t bring anything good, and knitting needles don’t either. Unless it’s a blanket for a precious newborn, hold back on the yarn. We’re itching just writing this.

Ladies, friends, yes, it’s spring. Please do revisit, restock, refresh, and rethink. There are so many good decisions to make, and so many bad ones to avoid.

We can help you through these exciting times. Come in. Let’s talk.

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