4 Signs You May Not Be a Good Neighbor

We all like to think we’re good people with good taste, and that it would be a good thing to live next door to us. But, in celebration of National Good Neighbor Day, September 28, we’re challenging all of us to give this some thought. Are we good neighbors?

Now let’s be clear. All neighbors are guilty of day-to-day transgressions. Letting your trash blow into your neighbor’s yard. Encouraging your adorable children to play outside your neighbor’s home office. Folding up your neighbor’s drainage pipe every time it rains. These things happen!

We’re talking about serious deviations that make people bad — The kind that make us raise our glasses to potential moving vans. So, look inward here and see if you’re a bad neighbor. Here are four ways to tell.

You lay claim to the open lot. Consider this: There’s an empty space between your house and your closest neighbor. Does this mean the lot just hasn’t sold yet or it’s “designated open space”? Or does this mean you have bonus storage space? If you answered the latter, you may be a bad neighbor. This is not an extension of your driveway, in case the curb and grass didn’t tip you off. Please move your cars and crap and be nice.

You take “free” stuff and sell it. Okay, suppose your neighbor puts something in his driveway with a big sign that reads “free.” You know this is his attempt to clean house. You also know this is a gift to those less fortunate. But, what this is not is a business opportunity. If you take the free merchandise and sell it yourself on Craig’s List, you may just be a bad neighbor. If you pocket the money and never mention it to your neighbor, you may be even worse.

You steal. This is a variation of our first two bad neighbor behaviors. But this covers all the other territory of simply taking anything that’s not yours. If your sticky fingers attach themselves to things that don’t belong to you, you may be a bad neighbor. This includes newspapers. Mail. Wood. Amazon packages. Furniture cushions. Wi-fi. The soap dispenser at Nixon and Company. You know who you are.

You make bad decisions. There’s no shortage of examples here. If any of these sound like you, well, your neighbors may be the ones slipping you flyers about the value of your house:

  • You “throw way” your dog’s poop in your neighbor’s garage.
  • There’s a Lazy-Boy recliner on your front porch.
  • When you see your neighbor stranded with a broken-down car, you keep driving.
  • When you neighbor rings your doorbell, you hide.
  • You keep your dogs outside all day to bark.
  • And this is your idea of outdoor décor:

Nixon & Co Boutique - neighbors

You get the idea. If this is you, please stop.

Instead, let’s all celebrate Good Neighbor Day by being good neighbors! Still confused? Here are some ways people are good neighbors:

  • They open their doors and welcome you to wine. Like our neighbors we love, Crush Wine Bar.
  • They have fully stocked kitchens, and they always have that ingredient you’re missing.
  • They keep their schedules, needs, children, hands, tastes, Craig’s List accounts, and opinions to themselves. Mwah! The less we know, the more we love!
  • They have style. You see them coming and going gorgeously, like in this Teal Classic Cardigan.

Nixon & Co Boutique - Classic Cardigan

So, on National Good Neighbor Day, celebrate with us. Stay good. And if you’re not good, take steps to change. You don’t want to be a subject of this blog.

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