4 Things Not to Do on Valentine’s Day

Sure, we all know what society tells us to do. First, remember that it’s Valentine’s Day and not just — er — Wednesday. But instead spend the days leading up to the big event hoping your partner plans something romantic. Or, just plan something yourself and begrudge the fact that your partner couldn’t figure it out. Capture the whole thing on Facebook and call it a night.

At Nixon and Co, we’re here to say, enough of this approach. It’s time to take back the excitement, promise, and potential of this day that we felt when we were young. Screw Hallmark and focus on not doing these key things instead.

Eat chocolate.

If you’re like us, you’re still buttoning up your pants from Super Bowl Sunday. So, if your partner brings you chocolate, just say no. As your honest girlfriends, we’re here to tell you: Chocolate makes your clothes shrink. It can bring major devastation to your waistline, your complexion, and your menstrual well-being. If he or she brings you chocolate, keep your eye on the prize – your sanity, and the clothes in your closet, at our store online, or in our gorgeous boutique. Toss the chocolate aside. Well, okay, that’s harsh. What we really mean is just put it in the freezer.

Be sad.

Another thing not to do on this day is to be sad. Yes, the flowers, the reservations, the cards – it’s all designed for love and Valentine’s. This can be daunting if you’re in a relationship, and downright depressing if you’re not. We say, screw that.

If you’re coupled up, do what you want to do this holiday – even if it’s sitting on the couch and watching Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. If you’re single, rejoice. Valentine’s Day is one less thing you have to worry about – and tomorrow it will be over for another year. The point is this ladies: Regardless of your situation, don’t be sad on this day. Be happy, dammit.

Expect others to buy you anything.

One more thing we all shouldn’t do on VD is to sit back and wait for treasures to roll in. If you’re in a relationship, your partner may forget the day, or – even more likely – forget all your tastes. If you’re not in a relationship, the only gifts you get may come from your mom.

We say, get out in front of this right now and go get something special for yourself. Like this incredible bag.

Or this adorable bling.

Don’t wait for someone else. Come in today, or shop our online Boutique. Buy your own shit. You can do it, and you deserve it. It’s Valentine’s Day!

Look bad.

Finally, one more thing not to do on the 14th is to go into it looking your worst. If you have the winter blahs, or your style is as dull and brittle as the February air, take this opportunity to revive and refresh. Coupled up or single, you should look as good as Hallmark says you should. Make an appointment here!

Christmas is done. New Year’s is done. Hell, even the Ground Hog has come and gone. And soon we’ll be on to St. Patrick’s. Make the most of VD this year by not doing these key things. Instead, just have fun and focus on you. And get in here to see us, already.

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