4 Ways to Do St. Patrick’s Day Right

It’s here: The pinching, the green beer, the excitement of all the Irish people you never knew were Irish. It’s St. Patrick’s Day, one of the first signs of spring and another excuse to drink, er, celebrate. You know us. We’re all for it. We’ve even thought of four ways to mark the occasion.

Think outside your “box”

Nothing spreads the St. Patrick’s Day spirit more than having some fun down below. This year, think 50 shades of GREEN and all the ways to get tied up! We’re talking holes, loops, oversized, and sexy!

We’re talking BELTS, ladies! GREEN BELTS! What is wrong with you?

Nixon & Co has the latest styles that will add that special touch to any look. Don’t have the right outfit? We have that too. These belts are all the rage and the perfect accessory. But we won’t lie: The belts may be green, but they’ll work in any “Red Room.”

Look at this beauty!

green belt

Make them green with envy

Of course, it is St. Patrick’s Day, so you will have to wear green. Not only to stop hearing “Where’s your green?” all day, but also because it’s awesome. Green is in, and there are so many shades to choose from: Mint, lime, olive, pickle. Funny that these are also items found in Bloody Mary’s. Just saying.

But the point is, break out your green, and make others green with envy. And if you have green eyes, lucky you. Wearing green will bring out the color. Purple or red wine will accent your assets as well. Did someone say wine?

Have a sexy Saints

The warmer weather, the lighter spirits, all that celebrating — St. Patrick’s Day is a day to feel our best and put some spring in our routines. Before the big day, refresh at Nixon & Co in store or onlinewith a sexy bralette:

green bralette

And ladies, on St. Patrick’s Day, you can leave your hat on! You’ll want to when it’s this Adorable C.C. Beanie. And it’s green!

CC beanie

Save with Shamrocks

Finally, the best way to celebrate the Irish in us all is to not just wear green, but SAVE green! Shop in store and online and look for the Lucky Shamrocks hidden there by lucky leprechauns themselves. Okay, by us. But you get the picture. If you spot a four-leaf clover on one of the many selected items, you’ll get extra  savings. Now that’s worth drinking to!

This St. Patrick’s Day, may the luck of the Irish be with you. Or at least a hot Irish man. Either way, remember these four tips to make it the best St. Patty’s ever. Cheers, sisters!

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