6 Fashion Rules You Should Be Breaking

When we hear rules at Nixon and Company, we’re skeptical. Sure, some rules are great. Like the 10 Commandments. Or the Golden Rule. Or our salon policies.

But many rules are just downright oppressive. And our immediate reaction when we hear them? It’s “Says who?”

For example, these six fashion rules have been blindly followed by too many people. Who made them? And who says we have to follow them?

We’re here to say “Enough!”

Don’t wear white after Labor Day

Yes, this rule had its time and place. In sweltering New York City at the turn of the century. Back then it was as much about the need to wear lighter fabrics in the summer, as it was to define a class in society.

We say, nonsense! Come out of the 1900s. The only rule now about what’s “acceptable” is to first check out your rear view when you’re donning your whitest whites. If we can see your thong or your butt looks like Swiss cheese, don’t wear it.

Don’t show your bra

True, letting your bra strap show can still look, we’ll just say it, trashy. Your mother was right. But it’s 2018, and what’s classy now is to show a “bralette.” These lacy, loose garments are sweet and sexy. And just because your teenage daughter lives in them doesn’t mean you can’t too! Trust us – break the rules and let it show!


When it comes to jewelry, less is more

What is that rule-of-thumb? Put on your entire outfit, as you’ve planned it, then stand in front of the mirror, and take one thing off. What kind of crap is that? We say, put it all on, and own it, sister!

Less is not more. In fact, more is more. Stack necklaces. Add on bracelets. Load up on rings. Go ahead, ladies. Wear it all.

Never wear gold and silver jewelry together

Who’s the buzz-kill who thought of this one? They say the same person also said women over 40 shouldn’t wear short skirts. The reality is: It’s 100% okay to do this. In fact, it’s even stylishly chic. You can wear it all together – gold, silver, brushed gold, rose gold, sterling silver, or any other kind of metal. You can even layer them, you crazy woman!

Shorts are only for summer

We find this rule very limiting to our creativity and our budget. There are cute shorts out there, and we should be free to wear them year-round. Especially in Colorado, where it could be 80 degrees in February.

Pull out those classic tweeds or those dressy velvets, and mix them with a sweater, scarf, and hat. The trick though: Add some leggings or tights. You are not a middle-school boy who “never gets cold.” It’s winter, ladies. Put some frickin’ clothes on.

You must use shampoo to wash your hair

This rule goes beyond fashion and concerns the tresses that make up every outfit. Your hair. Stop washing it all the time, for the love of God. You simply don’t need it. Shampoo is drying and overrated. Discover ways to skip the shampoo here. And if you must pursue the suds, try a dry shampoo.

Rules you can’t break

So now that we’ve taken away all the laws that you’ve held so dear and you think we’re heading toward a fashion free-for-all (Lord help us), we’ll add a few rules you should be following.

Don’t wear socks with open-toed shoes. Some crunchy young person may have told you this was okay. They were high. Do not do this. Tevas with socks, Birkenstocks with socks, flip flops with socks: They’re all bad. Stop now.

Pajamas are only for your house. Or maybe the carpool line. As long as you don’t get out. Even if your car is on fire. Do not wear PJs to the grocery store. Do not wear them pumping gas. Do not wear them to the bank. Again, put some clothes on.

Do not wear UGGs with a short skirt or shorts. These fluffy booties of love are not for year-round! Don’t wear a skirt with no tights in the winter, or a skirt with Big Foot boots in the summer. Decide what season you’re in and embrace it ladies.

As you can see, some rules were meant for breaking, and some rules were meant for screaming from the roof tops. We know them all. Come talk to us about your fashion hopes and dreams. And we’ll crush them for you.

Hope to see you soon.

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