Are You Kissable?

Friday, July 6, marks International Kissing Day. This means the challenge is on: How many people can you kiss today?

You heard us.

We’re talking about an entire day to celebrate the sport of making out. Yes, you wish we were making this up. But we’re not. International Kissing Day is a real thing. It was established in 2006 to “focus on the kissing that takes place between lovers and to celebrate the place it holds in our society.”

Experts advise that this is not just about romantic kissing. It’s also about general kissing in our culture and society: Kissing on each cheek, greeting family, or kissing goodbye.

Yeah, whatever.

We’re going with the first one: Hot, randy sessions with your partner, your spouse, your significant other, or just the guy in line at Raising Canes. (This is your opening, ladies!)

This is the perfect opportunity to pretend you’re the Bachelorette and swap spit with all you encounter. Grab your z-pack, and gear up. But first things first: Make sure you’re kissable.

Come see us

Know that even if you’re doling out tongue for free, it’s still important to look your best. Whether you just need some upkeep, or you want something new, make an appointment. Of course, we can do the basic cut and color. But which style, and what color? Kissing is about opening your lips heart to new total strangers experiences, and so is exploring our color and highlighting options, Keratin treatments, extensions, waxing, updos, or brow and lash tints. We are full service, which mean you can make out with a whole new look. Get it?

Amp up your products

Another way to look your kissable best? Revisit your bathroom and see which is older – your oldest child, or your hair gel? Products expire ladies, and even if yours still have shelf life, they may not be the best ones you could be using. Chemistry has changed, and there are tools out there that can control frizz, reverse damage, add volume and shine, and make color last.

Remember, good looks don’t come naturally. They come in a bottle!! Come in, consult with us, and stock up. Then carry home your new miracle workers with class and confidence. Like in this Mamuye Leather Tote.

Dusty Rose Mamuye Leather Tote - Nixon & Co Boutique

Get on your toes

Finally, in celebration of International Kissing Day, join us in embracing the cliché tippy-toe kissing stance.

National Kissing Day - Nixon & Co BoutiqueInternational Kissing Day - Nixon & Co BoutiqueNational Kissing Day - Nixon & Co Boutique

According to our Google-prowess, this is a common kissing pose. And women are apparently always four inches too short and often without proper foot ware.

Regardless, the Internet says we like these tip-toe kisses. But on this special day, take steps to make them easier. Let’s say by wearing these adorable Brown Leather Platform Wedges - Nixon & Co Boutique

They’re lightweight and cushioned, for more comfort for your kissing. And they feature a 3 ¼ inch wedge heel, which means you’ll be able to make out in style, without a visit to your podiatrist.

In conclusion, ladies…

The time has come. The time is now. Take immediate action to make yourself kissable. Grab that  Emergen-C and use this day to suck some serious face. It’s International Kissing Day. Apply lipstick and handle it. Hey, that would make a great shirt. 

National Kissing Day - Nixon & Co Boutique



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