Beads, Brews, and Boobs: Mardi Gras Lessons To Take With You All Year

Yes, we just got back from Vegas. Not New Orleans. But the spirit of Mardi Gras was everywhere. Or maybe that was just the naked breasts. Regardless, we brought home the latest styles and fashions we’ll be featuring at our instore and online Boutique. And in the interest of Fat Tuesday, we also brought back our insights on Mardi Gras and what we can all learn from this annual party every day of the year.

First off: The Beads

A tradition of Mardi Gras involves acquiring beads and other “throws” tossed into the crowds by people on the floats. Parade-goers dive for the treasures in the quest for strands. What can we take away from this?

It’s simple: Jewelry is good. Take all that you can. Accept a

ll offerings, and purchase more yourself. Like this Threaded Bojo Leather Cuff.

Beads, Brews, and Boobs: Mardi Gras Lesons To Take With You All Year

Or one of these exquisite Calhoun Stone Bracelets.

Embrace the gifts of Mardi Gras. But don’t wait for a passing float. Shop now.

Second: The Brews

Mardi Gras is indeed known as a big drunken party, which perplexes travel experts. Sure there are the shenanigans of the French Quarter, the drinking, and the flashing (we’ll get to that), but Mardi Gras is actually meant for families. You know, like the Meadows of Castle Rock.

Remember that Mardi Gras is a celebration of the last day of the “Carnival Season” and the day before Ash Wednesday. So remember, when you’re in New Orleans on any given February, drink responsibly. And when you’re in the Meadows, drink at Crush Wine Bar or Astro Tap House. Like we do.

Finally: The Boobs

Despite Fat Tuesday being a family affair, the boobs of Mardi Gras are out there. Sources say uninformed tourists are under the impression that they must bare their breasts in order to get the beads, coconuts, toys, and other trinkets of the festival. While some of these items are highly coveted, they cannot be “officially” obtained by flashing your goods. Besides a heat wave (or a really good bet), there is no reason to let the girls out.

What we can we learn from this? Ladies, keep it classy. During Mardi Gras and all the time, don’t show your ta-tas. Trust us. We just got back from Vegas, and as we mentioned, we’ve seen enough.

What can you show instead? You in a sexy, lacy bralette, like this one.

Browse our entire collection here. And be on the lookout – we have some great new styles coming in, with something perfect for everyone, of every size.

Ladies, the spirit of Mardi Gras is always with us, and so are the lessons: Get more jewelry. Hold your liquor. And keep your boobs covered. Is that so hard? We don’t think so. For more lessons on fashion, style, and life, come in and see us.

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