Celebrating a Year of Inappropriateness

Holy crap – happy holidays! We’re ending the year by taking a look back. Well, we’re honestly just tired, or drunk on the nog, and we couldn’t think of a topic.

So, we thought we’d reflect on the past year and highlight some of our favorite pieces of whit and banter, in case you missed them. Or you just want to read them again because they’re that good.

Although we share our insights every single week, we’ll provide a recap this season by season.


We started the year with questions: What did we do before the Internet? What are the challenges to community and education? What is a $%@-hole country? Actually, this was all a big plug for shopping at Nixon & Company. But what a great start to 2018!

In February, we took a trip to Vegas and came back with wise advice for summer fashions. We drew inspiration from a simpler time, and shared the latest on jumpers, rompers, and stripes. We were just warming up.

wise advice for summer fashions- Nixon & Co

Then we headed into St. Patrick’s Day with 4 ways to celebrate. There was plenty of talk of getting tied up. Okay, it was actually about belts. Get your head out of the gutter.


As spring approached, we addressed an issue at the top of everyone’s minds: The moist air and what that means to hair. True, we did provide some solid advice on products, cuts, and styling. But really, we just wanted to say moist.


In May, we recognized our moms and encouraged everyone to celebrate Mother’s Day with new stuff from Nixon & Co. We still love these Beljoy bracelets, made by a company that creates jewelry-making jobs for the people of Haiti.

Beljoy - Nixon & Co

Next, we offered four tips for making sure dad would never be a dud on Father’s Day. First, fix his do. Second, tame those caterpillars. Three, update his style. The fourth? You’ll have to read it.


When summer came, we celebrated National Friendship Day and we raised our glasses to all our friends who know where we buried the bodies. In August, Kelly suggested a way to unwind on National Relaxation Day. It involved a hot and tender approach using an instrument of loving heat and soft strokes. Intrigued? I bet! Moving on, we then dug deep into what makes Kelly tick. Is she a B#$%&, or just a Virgo?


Finally, moving into the last quarter, we were in high gear, spouting off all the reasons we love tacos. I don’t make this up. Then we shared deep thoughts on winter, which mainly consisted of: Stop shaving. And this brought us full circle to just a few weeks ago, when we brought everyone up to speed on Percy the Puny Poinsettia and, of course, our love of these awesome pants.


So, it’s been a great year, full of inappropriateness, and there’s more where these came from.  We don’t always reflect on all the wisdom we’ve shared, so we were happy to do it here. And it let us create a whole blog out of stuff we’ve already said.

Until next year, thanks for reading. May you all have a joyous holiday and a very happy and healthy 2019. We’ll see you then!

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