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Baby, it’s cold outside. Temps are dropping. There’s fricking ice on the roads. When there’s a chill in the air, you have to do what your mother always says: Put on a sweater, for God’s sake.

But a sweater? Really? Do you have to? For many women, the thought of a sweater brings up images of tight, itchy arms of yarn from our grade school days. If that’s your memory, it’s time to purge. Today’s sweaters are stylish and sleek, and it’s officially sweater weather. See what we have in store.

The Good Ol’ Days of Sweaters.

First, this is what we’re talking about. Comfort meeting style, as in this incredible Oatmeal Grandpa Cardigan.

Now, we know it’s called Grandpa, but it’s only in spirit. This is not old, nor does it smell like an ashtray with a cork in the center (oh, Grandpa, we love you.) This is modern-day coziness, inspired by the love and security of dear old granddad. Come try it on now. But hurry. As grandpa will tell you, life is short.

Not your 80’s sweater.

One thing you must realize about the sweaters of today: They are all class, and no frump. Gone are the days of Blaire Warner and her controversial boarding school figure a la “The Facts of Life.” Today’s sweaters are warm, but they’re not afraid to be a little cold, as in this head-turning v-neck cold shoulder.

Yes, a cozy sweater doesn’t mean you have to be the Incredible Bulk. (FYI: That’s another 80's reference, my young child).

We said sweater. Not sweat.

Another thing you don’t have to be during sweater weather is roasting. We women of a certain age have enough to deal with. (That was a reference to hot flashes.) This means we don’t want to be buried in yarn so deep we have boob sweat. Turn down the heat already with this beautiful sleeveless sweater. Great on its own or with a jacket, this is tailored texture that lets us finally breath. Bring it on, sister. 

Wrap it up.

Finally, one more thing to remember: Sweater weather is for cookies. Not cookie cutters. Skip the standard patterns and dare to be different this season. Don something new that gets attention, like this Aztec sweater poncho. Hot!

Come in. Stay warm.

Bottom line, this is what’s cool on top: Trendy sweaters that celebrate the season. Like this distressed ivory hoodie cardigan. We love it, and so will you.

In conclusion, please drop your beliefs and perceptions of sweaters. Also, forget that terrible sweater de-baller you found in your stocking in 1986. You know the one.

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Come in to the now. Stop by today.

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