Every Day is Best Friends Day – Celebrate!

Yes, June 8 is Best Friends Day. Awesome! We’ll be celebrating! But we have to be honest. There are few things we love more than making crap up, so we embrace this made-up holiday. However, we must question: Isn’t every day Best Friends Day? For us it is. And these are just a few ways we love to show our love and appreciation for our BFFs.

I'm Not Working Today Graphic Tee - Nixon & Co BoutiqueHave a skip day

Some days you just need a mental health day, and no one knows more about all the reasons you need one than your best friend. Make a break for it together. Blow off work, blow off steam, blow off all those people asking you to do things. Take a much-deserved break and create some memories.Life will go on, we promise. In fact, we’re so behind this idea, we even have the perfect outfit for it.


Relax at the spa

If a road trip, shopping spree or afternoon at Crush doesn’t do it for the two of you, we must ask: Who even are you? But okay. Instead, make a plan to treat yourselves. Head to the spa for a day of pampering – massages, manicures, or intense facials with fire-hot lasers. Whatever you need to feel and look your best! Or just keep it simple with side-by-side pedicures. Afterward, you’ll look great in these leather platform wedges.

Leather PLatform Wedges - Nixon & Co Boutique

Refresh – together

Is it time for a new look? Sometimes the only one who will give you an honest answer is your best friend. And as long as you’re making appointments, of course, book with us. Nixon & Co boasts our amazing online boutique and a store-front boutique and full-service salon. Whatever is going on, we can fix, improve, update, and refresh. You will love your new look as much as you love your BFF, and well, made-up holidays!

Nixon & Co Salon & Boutique


District Candles - Nixon & Co Boutique

Get them a gift

We get it, you’re too busy. It may not be the best time to blow off everyone and escape with your bestie. But it’s always a good time to shop. On Best Friends Day and every day, don’t miss an opportunity to show your friends how much they mean to you. Give them more than your unconditional love – Give them a present, for God’s sake. Of course, you may be looking for ideas. And, of course you know, we have some. 


Open up

Last but not least, what makes best friends the best is that you can talk to them. You can tell them almost anything, and by that we mean, anything. Don’t hold back now. And don’t wait for a once-a-year made-up holiday to tell them how you feel. You love them, they inspire you, they are the magic pill that gets you through the day: Whatever emotion you have, let it out. Regardless if it’s inappropriate. That’s even better. In fact, we have a whole special way to help you get it all off your chest.

Classy Bitch Card - Nixon & Co Boutique

Alas, ladies, there’s June 8. This date will come and go, but best friends never do. Celebrate on this day and every day, whether it’s with a new adventure, a new look, or a new pair of shoes. Life’s short. Embrace the celebration, whether it’s made up or not.

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