Fall’s Not Funny

No kidding. It’s not. The subject is repetitive (it does happen every year, ladies. Duh). It’s also confusing. One day it’s 90 degrees, the next day it’s bleak and cold. The inconsistency wears on people, and we’re already dreading the “Uggs and Shorts” combos.

We’re not joking here. These are indeed both dull and scary times. To get through it all, we’re just going to talk it out. Right here.

Fall brings out all the feels

While fall is boring, it still comes with heated debate. Basically, the question in the air is “Are we ready for it?” Some of us are putting the brakes on September. Others couldn’t ingest their pumpkin faster if they free-based it.

And the mere mention of fall brings out all the opinions, no matter how diverse.

Amber says: I wish people would stop putting out their fall decorations so soon.

Kelly says: Why does King Soopers already have Christmas stuff out?

Melissa says: I’m excited to “fall” into my new hat.

To which Kelly replies: Stop, Melissa, you’re such a cheese head.

But in all seriousness

Fall is here September 22nd, whether we’re ready or not. And, despite the bad judgment of our local grocery store, Kelly says we’re ready. (And what Kelly says, goes. See last week’s blog: “I’m not a b@$!h. I’m a Virgo.”)

So, all kidding aside, we’re here to help you embrace the season. It’s time to update your wardrobe, cast aside summer, and bring in the fall. If your ability to shift gears is a little rusty, don’t fear. Rust is in! Check out these fall fashions at Nixon and Company:

Like these comfy, stylish boyfriend corduroy slouch pants – in rust! Slouch means you can wear them and still have some fall apple pie. “Boyfriend” means you’ll always love them – even after the next boyfriend pair comes along.

Nixon & Co Boutique - Boyfriend Slouch Corduroy Pant

Another great fall color – green. In fact, we love o-luv. These amazing fedoras are classic and fun. Plus they let you go a whole other day without shampooing. Check out this one here.

Nixon & Co Boutique - olive hat

And, finally, fall wouldn’t feel right without slipping into jeans: Ripped, Cropped and Skinny. (Hey, those should be the alter-egos of Kelly, Amber, and Melissa the next time they go to Vegas? I like it!) Seriously, we have the styles. Shop online or in the store!

Nixon & Co Boutique - Denim Jeans

Alas, put the shorts away.

No matter how you feel about it, fall is here and these looks are hot, hot, hot. We hope we’ve inspired you to throw on some layers and put the shorts away. Even though, technically, in Colorado, you could still wear shorts in winter.

Shorts in winter? What? Amber says: I don’t even wear my shorts in summer.

Focus Amber. The topic is fall.

And it’s here. Bring on the football, the leaves, the decorations, and the pumpkin Oreos. Break out the wine. It’s not funny. But it’s happening.

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