Finding Fashion: What Did We Do Before the Internet?

When were those dark, archaic times? When searches for fashion involved physical searches? When the latest trends were only found on TV, or in the latest issue of Cosmo, not yet available at the newsstand. What did we do when all we had were the Yellow Pages?

Yes, we remember 1992, and we can still feel the papercuts. Ouch.

But those days did have their appeal. And it’s still fun to go to real stores… Browse the fashions. Talk to people, try things on, and see things up close and personal.

But, don’t get us wrong. The Internet is a beautiful thing. It makes scheduling, research, and working a breeze. And of course, without it we couldn’t share relevant information about, well, us.

Fortunately, at Nixon & Co, you can have the best of both worlds.

If you’re the type of person who likes to touch and feel (we’re talking about the clothes and accessories, of course) we’re all about that.

Our salon chairs are always brimming with conversations. Our stylists know our clients. We also have the onsite boutique, sales consultants, and oh so lovely changing rooms. We make browsing fun and personal.

And we’re here to talk about the issues of the day: What is a $%@-hole country? What are the challenges to community and education? What’s the best way to wear a blanket scarf?

And what are the latest trends in fashion that would give us an opportunity to show our nipples?

There’s obviously a lot to chat about. In fact, we’re so social we think it’s why Crush Wine Bar and Astro Tap House just moved in next door!

Of course, sometimes you just can’t face that. And we understand.

The Internet was invented for a reason. Porn!

Just kidding. The Internet was invented so we would have the convenience, connection, and capabilities to do more things, faster, and easier.

That’s the beauty of Nixon & Co. You can shop online here from the coziness of your couch, and pour the wine from the comfort of your own home. Of course, it can still get pretty social online too, even if you’re just searching for porn. Just kidding again! From the site, you can sign up for our mailing listand follow us on Instagram.

The point is this, ladies.

With Nixon & Co, we’ve got you covered. Come in to the boutique where there are connections to be made, fashions to see, and friendships to make. Whether 1992 was a great year for you, or you can’t imagine life before the Internet, we are here for you. And we’re close to wine.

Come see us. Or go online. We’d love to see you.

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