Grab Your DD and Come to Nixon & Company

It’s true. We are right next to Astro Tap House, Crush Wine Bar, and the soon-to-open Library Bar & Kitchen, so you might think we mean Designated Driver.

But, in case you don’t spend all your time on parenting blogs, what we mean by DD is Dear Daughter, and we’re inviting both of you to our annual Mother Daughter Gathering at the salon. Here’s why you’ll want to grab your daughter by the attitude, and get to this fun night, Monday, October 15th, 2018.

Because we’ll teach you all the cool stuff they show on Pinterest

That fancy braid that your daughter insists every mom except you knows how to do… those loose beachy curls you see on Facebook videos… how to apply eyeliner without looking like a prostitute. At Nixon and Company, we have the answers, and we can show you how it’s done. Plus, all the information will come from us. This means that because we’re not you, there’s a chance she may listen.

Because girls are awesome

Girls are great, and our daughters are smart, confident, and empowered. Based on this, we should never squander the opportunity to get them around women who are also smart, confident and empowered. In these days of vagina hats, #metoo movements, and patriarchy awareness, we could all use some bonding. And some free gifts.

Because we’re full of good advice

Simply put: The ladies of Nixon & Company know things. And to your daughter, we’re hip strangers with cool products who sell amazing clothes. This means we must be cooler than you. Don’t begrudge us this royalty. Instead, use it to your benefit.

Come in, and let us be the ones to tell your daughter she doesn’t have to wash her hair every day. Or that she does still need to wash her hair (we’re talking grease fire). Or that her flat iron techniques could trigger another kind of fire. There are things girls don’t want to hear. Especially from you. But they’ll take it from us. Cause, you know, we’re cool.

Because you deserve it

You are a rock star. You are molding the next generation of women. You’re defining a woman’s worth, and you’re doing it all under constant scrutiny – and through constant eye rolls. You deserve a night out to celebrate your rock star qualities.

So, grab that DD and come on in. Get ideas, get advice, and get each other something special – like these amazing textured bracelets. They’re cool. Trust us. We know.

beaded bracelet

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