Here, There’s Nothing Taxing About Tax Time

Is this you?


Baby, we know how it is. Now that tax day’s over, we welcome you to come in and add to your look. If you’ve gotten a refund, reward yourself with something new. And if you owe, invest in some retail therapy. You’ll find the best returns are always at Nixon & Co.

Revenue… Or a new you

They say only two things in life are certain: Death and taxes. While revenue, filings, and you know – the law – are out of your control, there are things that are entirely up to you. Like choosing a great new dress. Check out this Charcoal & Cream Lace. You can be cool and stylish in a look so hot your accountant will even notice.

Charcoal & Cream Lace Dress - Nixon & Co Boutique

No more withholding

This week, withholdings were the name of the game. And while they can be good, they also hold back everything we’re entitled to. In this case, it’s our witty insights and banter. With Nixon & Co, you can say what you wanna say with our fun graphic tees. Champagne for breakfast? Heck yeah! We call that Saturday.

Champagne Graphic Tee - Nixon & Co Boutique

Give yourself credit

Also at Nixon & Co, if you can’t reduce your tax bill, you can increase your self-esteem. Raise your value with looks that highlight your assets. We love this sexy 50 Shades Bralette. Let it peak out from under sweaters and tops, and let them wonder what else you’re hiding.

50 Shades Bralette - Nixon & Co Boutique


Another hot look: The Charcoal Racerback Lace Flowy Vest. Throw it over a bralette or tank, and pair it with a skirt or jeans. This racerback will expedite your form, if you know what we’re talking about.

Charcoal Racerback Lace Flowy Vest - Nixon & Co Boutique

And, get even more happy returns with the super sexy Eyelet Open Shoulder Blouse. The cold shoulder is still hot, and we love how this top is both comfy and suggestive – all at the same time.

Eyelet Open Shoulder Blouse - Nixon & Co Boutique

The Edge of the Wedge

Of course, at tax time, nothing reminds you more of the fact that you’ve been pounding the payment all year long. Girl, you deserve a break. And so do your feet. Reward them with these incredible Slate Woven Leather Wedge Sandals. The cut-out patterns will add pizazz to any outfit. And the cushioned insoles will cushion the blow of anything the IRS tells you.

Slate Woven Leather Wedge Sandal - Nixon & Co Boutique

It’s all in the wrist

Finally, imagine how great you would have looked writing a check to Uncle Sam if you were wearing an Agate Silk Wrap Bracelet. These bracelets are not only beautiful, they’re also versatile. Sport one as a choker, in your hair, or even as a belt. You’ll love to get all tied up. No judging here.

Agate Silk Wrap Bracelet - Nixon & Co Boutique

Ladies, as we celebrate the end of tax season, trust that the only thing that needs an audit is your wardrobe. Whether you owe, or whether America owes you, you owe yourself something beautiful. Come in or shop online today!

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  • cynthia a waggoner

    You Rock! Your styles are so refreshing, comfortable and the Perfect Look to create the New You~Love this Place!

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