How to Wear a Blanket Scarf Without Making Us Want to Run for Cover

Oh, they’re so stylish. Large, comfy drapes of fabric. They’re all the rage and everyone’s wearing them. But, wait! WTF is a blanket scarf? And how do you wear one without looking like a picnic? Or the person who stole the picnic? We’ve got the answers to this hip new trend and how to wear a blanket scarf with style.

First off, behold this gorgeous cloak of beauty.


Over sized plaid blanket scarves like this one and more are available at our boutique in the heart of the Meadows Town Center in Castle Rock and online at Nixon & Co Boutique. They’re perfect for adding warmth and sophistication to any outfit. And they make ideal gifts for the cherished women in your life.

But to stop you or your loved one from throwing this scarf on a chair, on a bed (You did say blanket, right?) or in the back of a closet out of pure intimidation, here are points to keep in mind.

Wearing one is a cinch.

Not really. It takes grace and confidence to wear the blanket scarf with style – and not look like you’re burrowing into a snug sack to wait out a winter storm. The scarf should say “Crisp fall day at the park.” Not “Cold exhausting night on my couch.” But, rejoice: It’s easy to keep the look tailored with a belt.

This is nothing more than a drape and a cinch, pictured here. The scarf looks fashionable and fitted – and not overwhelming this hip girl like a picnic blanket. This look is so warm, it’s hot!

Know that wearing a baggy blanket scarf on top with your largest comfiest big-girl pants is not going to help your overall look. You’ll be drowning in fabric, and we’ll never find you.

The rule of thumb is: When you go loose on top, go skinny on the bottom. Pair your comfy blanket scarf with leggings or skinny jeans. Remember: You’re a woman, not an old car in the garage.

Think of your proportions

Also, consider the size of the scarf and the size of, well, you. Wearing a scarf that is too big for your frame will bury you in material. Wearing a scarf that is too small will take away from everything cool about the blanket. Not sure where you stand? We’re happy to help!

Go over, not around.

And here’s a big one. No matter how tempting it is to curl up in a new blanket scarf and settle in with your wine, keep in mind it’s not really a blanket. Do not wrap yourself up in it like you’re watching your kid play football.

Instead, drape it stylishly over your shoulders. The look is “Walk with me in the Autumn leaves.” Not “I’m smuggling vodka in my hot chocolate.” When you’re being this warm, be cool.

Tie it.

Finally, blanket scarves are in actuality just big scarves. That means there are a plethora of ways to tie them, a number of do’s and don’ts, and lots of hacks discovered by professional scarf wearers worldwide. We don’t have time to go into them all. It’s happy hour. But here are some here.

In conclusion, fear not this warm and comfy trend of abundant fabric. Embrace your blanket and wear it with confidence. We can help you do it right.

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