It’s Raining, It’s Pouring — But Your Outfit Doesn’t Have to Be Snoring

April showers bring May flowers. But, ladies, too often spring also brings bad decisions. A little rain falls from the sky, and people’s brains go down the drain. As modern women who can bring home the bacon (and fry it up in a pan), we’re forgetting that we can indeed stay dry and stay fashionable. Let’s have a look at common spring weather mistakes – and some great new looks at Nixon & Co that won’t leave you all wet.


First off, ladies you are fighting the rain. Not the Jedis. There’s no room for these jackets in the galaxy. If this look is yours when it pours, you may be the worst Sith Lord ever. And if these references make sense to you, please step away from Amazon Prime.

Which day does the trash come?

Oh dear. Don’t get us wrong. We appreciate spontaneity, creativity and a good budget. We also don’t mind a “trashy” look, although we prefer the term expressive. But trash bags as a way to ward off the rain take it too far. If the only second looks you’re getting are from men who ride on the backs of trucks once a week, please rethink this hefty mistake.

Ladies, be ladies

Another mistake we see: Unisex footwear. As women we have come so far. We wear pink hats. We march. We make up almost 47% of the workforce. Let’s celebrate being women by wearing rain gear designed for women. We can share the kid duties, share the bank account, and share our lives. But we don’t have to share our boots. Learn more ways to empower women here.

Finally, the eyes are the windows to the soul

Not the rain gear. This spring, keep in mind that your coat doesn’t have to be bulky or oversized. And it certainly doesn’t need to be see-through. Although we always love showing a little leg.

Do rain right          

At this point, now that we’ve covered the mistakes, it’s time to illustrate how to look your best even if the sky is coming down.

Like in this 100% water-resistant Ciao Milano rain jacket.  We love it!

Another hot look at Nixon & Co: Boots! It’s time to move over grandma and take your galoshes with you.

In stock now are Roma Boots, for people who care about being cool and care about the world. They come in a ton of colors and in both short and tall sizes (the boots and the people). And Roma means love, which means Roma Boots donates a pair of boots to a child in need for every pair sold. They are literally giving poverty the boot. We wish we wrote that ourselves.

Nixon & Co has these looks and more – both in store and online.

In conclusion, my friends: April showers are a good thing, and rain is great (some people even dance for it). Embrace the precipitation and come in today. Unless you’re looking for these boots. In that case, head back to the lab.

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