It’s the 4th of July: Are You Ready with Your Red, White, and Blue?

Oh, the controversy. Everywhere you look and every channel you flip to. Politics stink. But America is still great! And soon it will be time to celebrate! Independence Day is almost here. To make sure you have choices for your red, white and blue, we are, of course, here for you.

Red – Hardiness and valor

What’s the story behind the colors of our nation? Well, the legend goes that George Washington was very smitten with the red allure of Martha’s lips and always preferred she stain them with a certain berry only found near the Potomac. And that’s why the colors of America began with red.

red white circle ruffle top - Nixon & Co BoutiqueOh, and that’s why we don’t drink when we write. Cause we lie!

The truth is red represents hardiness and valor. Yum, that’s good American stuff. If those traits resonate with you, skip the blue and white this season and go straight for the red. Say, in this oh so cute Red & White Circle Ruffle Top. Off the shoulder but with a slip-free lining, this holiday must-have will have you pledging allegiance.


White shipman pants - Nixon & Co Boutique

White – Purity and innocence

Well, nothing says America like purity and innocence, but that’s what our founding fathers were going for when they chose white. Regardless, we’re going to embrace it this 4th of July, like in these crisp and sexy White Shipman Pants. High-waisted and full-legged, these bottoms bring liberty and beauty to all.


 Navy Tunic Dress - Nixon & Co Boutique

 Blue – Vigilance, perseverance and justice


And finally: Blue. This color represents America’s fighting spirit, and it can represent yours too. Wear it with strength, wear it with pride. Like in this Navy Tunic Dress. Its delicate cutouts and cinched waist make for a liberal fit, while the full short sleeves make it ideal for any conservative celebration. It’s simple, sexy, and in line with our own domestic policy: Walk softly and wear a great dress. 

 4th of July - Nixon & Co Boutique

Combine them

Torn about whether you’re hardy, pure, or vigilant? Combine your red, white and blue for a look that will rock any celebration. And we don’t mean like this:

Doh! Everyone knows Snug Sacks are too hot in July. It’s summer, ladies!



There are real ways to dress for the season that actually match the weather of the season. Like in this charming Striped Tassel Halter. You’ll love the flattering cut, the front tassel, and the racerback back. Check it out!

Striped Tassel Halter - Nixon & Co Boutique

Another great red, white and blue look: The Moon River Dress, available in store right now. Pair it with a duster or alone, this frock will have others saluting!

moon river - Nixon & Co Boutique

Looking for something more casual? Try the Denim Plaid Oversized Shirt. Wear it as a dress or a shirt. It’s comfortable and cozy without being sloppy. People will love it so much, they’ll shoot off fireworks!

Denim Oversized Plaid Shirt - Nixon & Co Boutique

In conclusion, Independence Day is coming. Celebrate by wearing colors that mean something, in styles that mean you’re serious about looking great. Or skip the colors all together and dress to express the thoughts you really mean — like the importance of that afternoon cocktail. We’ve got that too.

Day Drinking Tee - Nixon & Co Boutique


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