Jump into the Summer Fashions of 2018. Seriously, in a Jumper.

You know what we say. What happens in Vegas… comes back to be shared with you all. That’s because we went to “Market” in Sin City, where we learned about all the latest looks that will soon be sweeping Colorado. We brought back gorgeous wares, and the real story of the summer fashions of 2018. Let’s jump right in.

You thought we were kidding.

No, we really mean: Jump right in. Because what’s in is jumpers.

It’s a look stolen from simpler times. When clothes were classy. When communication was face to face. When all our girlfriends wore the same outfit:

Check out the rompin’ fun to be had in this hot romper. Our 50s sisters knew how to enter a room. Or a playground.

Those bare shoulders. Those checks. We love the look. But if this is too vintage for you, fast forward a few decades, when jumpers returned to dominate:

Holy one-piece, Batman! That hair. Those belts. Those pleats. This was a look that deserves an encore. (By the way, since it’s the 1980s again, by Batman we mean Michael Keaton.)

But we digress. Back to the jumpers of the good old days:

So fun. So easy. And so terrycloth, the forgotten feel-good fabric. This may even still be in your closet.

If you’ve lost your beach playsuit, never fear.

Nixon and Co has the 2018 romper. This is one piece that’s a one-piece you’re going to absolutely have to have. Today’s look is based on the looser styles of the 80s, but it’s lighter and sleeker. Less cinching and more flattering. Come in and try it on!

One more thing: Stripes are ripe!

Another trend for summer is the return of stripes. Look at these hotties taking in the sun. They knew then what we know now: It’s not summer without these strappy blues and whites. These ladies also knew style, which is why their gentlemen came a’ courting. And didn’t hook up with them on Tinder. 

We’re proud to feature the stripes of today. Classic. Timeless. Hell, even vertical. They’re coming soon to Nixon & Co!

So: Key takeaways for your summer fashions of 2018

Jumpers are in. Stripes are in. Look at these ladies of yesterday who combined them both. Grab a shoulder and dip your toe in to test these waters. See how great they’ll look on you!

Nixon & Co has the summer fashions of 2018 plus amazing looks you’ll love year-round. Come in to check out the styles and hear about our adventures in Vegas. We’ll tell all. Or will we?

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  • Jackie

    This is hysterical! I think I need a jumper.

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