Make Your Mother’s Day with a Makeover

Moms! They’re the best things ever. Always there for you, putting their needs aside to take care of yours. That’s good news for you. But for them, all that wear and tear can start to show. Make this Mother’s Day the best by helping her regain that glow she once had. You know, that beauty that actually led to your birth. Give back already, will you? Nixon & Co can help!

New stuff

If your mom is like moms everywhere, she never buys things for herself. She buys crap for you. And what she doesn’t buy you, you flat out take from her. This is why mom drinks. On Mother’s Day, reverse this trend. We can help you with that.

Beljoy Bead Bracelets - Nixon & Co Boutique



Check out these beautiful Beljoy bracelets. They’re classic just like mom. They’re also a product of Beljoy, which creates jewelry-making jobs for the people of Haiti. Beljoy works to restore dignity and inspire change. That’s a cause mom would be proud of.



Another treasure she’ll love: These lovely leather clutches. Nothing thanks mom more for all her heavy lifting than giving her something nicer to carry. Check out the colors and styles. Want to make it even better: Enclose a gift certificate to the salon or boutique. Redeemable for a color, cut, or whatever she finds in store – it’s a gift that might just redeem you.

Leather Clutch - Nixon & Co Salon & BoutiqueNew excursion

What does mom want as much as cool stuff? She wants time with you. Although you’re needy and creating gray hairs, she loves your company. Show her you care by planning a shopping extravaganza. Make a day of it. South Denver ladies, take her to breakfast at the Egg & I, then stop by Nixon & Co – open Monday through Saturday – to look for treasures.

Nixon & Co Salon & Boutique




Check out all that’s in store here. Treat her to something special, and – whether you’re a mom or not yourself – get something for you too. You deserve it.



New surprises

But suppose mom lives far away. Or perhaps you’re just not up to seeing her in person. We get it. We’ll even drink to that. Regardless, you can shop Nixon & Co’s online boutique. Check out all these great gift ideas. Point, click and ship. Happy Mother’s Day: Done and done.

New do

Finally, after all the wrinkles you’ve caused her, you can give mom the gift of beauty. Schedule an appointment or get her a gift certificate for a cut or color. Don’t forget, Nixon & Co is full service, which means she can also opt for keratin treatments, extensions, waxing, or a brow or lash tint. We can rebuild her. We have the technology.

And you can restore all the damage you’ve caused. Ha Ha!

Nixon & Co Salon & Boutique

New you.

Alas, with so many options for Mother’s Day at Nixon & Co, you can be the new you – the kid mom always wanted. Be the favorite. Be the best. Make every one of those stretch marks worth it. As moms, we’re telling you: It’s the very least you can do. Really.

So, to all the moms out there – you, us, yours, and ours – Happy Mother’s Day. Make it a new day. Treat yourself. You’re beautiful. You got this.

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