Nothing Says Easter Like Easter Outfits

What’s not to love about Easter? So many memories, so many traditions. It’s a time of celebration. Bunnies. Chocolate. Chocolate bunnies. We love it all.

In fact, here we are celebrating Easter last year. Just kidding. That was two years go.

In all seriousness, although this is not a picture of us, we love what we see. We respect these women coming together, donning their bonnets, and dipping every egg in the village. What’s really important here is not the intricate egg design. Or those aprons. It’s the tradition of celebrating the best way we way we all should: With new outfits.

It’s a tale as old as time. The bunny and the food. The ham and the eggs. And that new dress for Easter.

Preparing for Easter has always been an opportunity to go shopping. Although we think every day falls into this category, we know the Easter outfit holds a promise of warm weather, bright sunshine, and even eternal salvation. Easter styles simply have style! These ladies knew it. They look like Easter eggs themselves!

We say, keep the style alive. And, of course, at Nixon & Co, we have the Easter outfits to celebrate!

Check out this white and coral plaid tank dress. Flowing, flattering, and fun. It’s the perfect frock for church, brunch, or even an afternoon of mimosas. We don’t judge!

Another classic look at Nixon & Co: The grey tie sash dress. It’s unique and modern, but with the classic stitching and bows of Easters past. It’s a look so hot, you’ll have to fight off the Easter bunny. Or not. Again: No judgment.

Perhaps you’re loving these looks, but you’re looking outside and saying. “These are great, Nixon & Co, but check it out! There’s still snow on the ground!” We get it! Never fear ladies, we’ve got you covered!

Look at these amazing cardigans. This one is called “Pale Olive.” Blow me down! (That’s a reach to Olive Oil and then a reference to Popeye. Ahoy, millennials. Look it up!)

Back to the topic of covering up, check out our light violet cardigan. Beautiful!

These sexy sweaters can be thrown over Easter frocks, or dressed down with jeans. They’re light, they’re easy. We love them!

Ladies, yes. You all have your Easter traditions and your Easter memories. Plus new traditions and new memories you create every year. And at the core of each of them: New clothes. Come in today! Shop!

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