On Father’s Day, Don’t Let Dad Be A Dud

Father's Day - Nixon & Co Boutique


We’ve seen it, and we trust you have too. The “Dad” look. Poor guy. He does so much and tries so hard, but still bad things happen. This Father’s Day, let dad know he’s got your attention, and you intend to use it for the greater good. These are four things you can do to make sure dad’s not a dud.


Fix the dad do.

First things first, start at the top. This is often an area where dad struggles the most. Maybe he doesn’t have as much hair as he used to.

Or maybe his typical cut involves him shouting out plays like a quarterback: “Let’s see a 2 up the sides, run a 1 down the back, and bring up the top with a 3.”

Or, maybe he has too much hair and he hasn’t addressed it, well, since this dad was a dad.

Father's Day - Nixon & Co Boutique

Yikes, it’s Full House – not Full Head of Hair. Dad may love this feathering madness, but the shaggy do is even getting us hot under the collar.

If any of these scenarios sounds like your dad, it’s likely time for an update. And whether you’re combating the comb-over or mitigating the mullet, we can help. 

Tame those caterpillars

Holy larvae! Is dad sporting this look?

Father's Day - Nixon & Co Boutique

Dad can get away with this – if he’s an award-winning actor, or he’s crucial to the plot of apple pies and band camp. But if that doesn’t sound like Pa, you have a problem.

Turn these caterpillars into butterflies and make them fly away. Now. Bring him in to Nixon & Co for a wax. We know he may resist. He may even be afraid. But tell him you’ll come with him for moral support. Or to shop. Whatever. Remember this is for Father’s Day. It’s about Dad. And by dad, we mean you. We’re flexible that way.


Update his style

This is an area we venture into with some trepidation. We fully believe dad could use a new take on his shiny golf shirt or his pleated khakis. We also have no doubt that a day at the mall with his favorite child would do him good.

Father's Day - Nixon & Co Boutique



But here’s the rub. Dad-style clunky trainers like these are reportedly making fashion headlines.



Now, we know dad’s wearing athletic shoes round the clock not cause he’s a fashion diva. We know he needs arch support and has plantar fasciitis. But the runway experts don’t care. They say dad’s cross-trainers are trending, and Business Insider reports “Dad Style” is showing up in real life and on fashion runways with “increasing frequency.”

You might think we’re making this up. But, bet your looser-fitting pants, we’re not.

Father's Day - Nixon & Co Boutique

This all said, we still think dad could use some help, and you’re the best person to host an intervention address his style. Get dad to the store! Chances are he’s already got his shoes on!

Improve yourself.

Finally, one more thing you can do for dad on Dad’s Day is to improve the things around him: You! Dad cares about his mortality. This doesn’t mean he wants to leave a legacy. It means he doesn’t want ugly offspring.

And husband’s ego is entirely — and illogically — related to you and your looks. Yes, you need to up your game. And yes, this is a lot of pressure. But we’re here for you. Make an appointment today for a cut, color, blowout, or even extensions. Also, swing by the boutique or shop online and get yourself something pretty. The men in your life would want you to.

Alas, this Father’s Day, show dad you care. Or at least, you care what others think. Take the time to help him – and you – look the very best. All studs. No duds. Make it a great day.


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