School’s Out! 5 Ways to Reward Yourself for All Your Hard Work

No more teachers, no more books! Whether you made the long grinding crawl through final exams, or the long grinding crawl through the carpool lines, you made it! Summer’s here and it’s time to celebrate all your accomplishments. We’ve got 5 ways to reward yourself in style.

Wrap it up with bracelets.

First, toss out the backpacks, notebook paper, and schedules. Log off the parent portals, and call it a year. An ideal way to wrap it up is with a new bracelet. We’ve got beads, charms, bangles and cuffs. We especially love this Kantha Coiled Bracelet. It gives you all the colors and textures of wearing layers of bling — all in a single piece. That means it’s a great look for less work. And work, dear friends, is over.

Kantha Coiled Bracelet- Nixon & Co Boutique









Bag it!

Alem Weekender Travel Bag - Nixon & Co Boutique

Seriously: The grades, the field trips, the permission slips. You survived them all. And now you can say, bag it. And by that we mean, with a new bag! Take off for the weekend (or anytime now!) with the Alem Cognac Weekender (Cognac not included).

Or toss out the old beat-up backpack and replace it with this one – it’s 100% paper. It looks cool, it reduces the environmental impact, and the material is sustainable (unlike your ability to pack one more lunch).

Paper Leather Backpack - Nixon & Co Boutique








Show some leg.

Another way to treat yourself? Ditch the pencils for a pencil skirt. This look is classy, but with a little frayed detail that shows you appreciate school is out!

pencil skirt -Nixon & Co Boutique

Or, embrace summer vacation with a frey edge denim skirt. It’s short and flattering, without being trashy. Wear it to end-of-year picnics or drinks on the patio. It’s perfect.

frey edge denim skirt - Nixon & Co Boutique




Another thing: When school’s out it means the sun’s out. And heat exhaustion is just plain exhausting. It’s time for us bitches to keep drinking – water, kool-aid, wine, whatever you need. You deserve it. This great bottle will keep you hydrated, and make everyone afraid to steal it. It’s yours, damn it!

Thirsty Bitch Water Bottle - Nixon & Co Boutique








Now relax.

Finally, rejoice that it’s the end of the school year and the start of summer. Remember that the best thing you can do right now is to breath and be grateful. Another year is over, and the next one will be here in, say, 12 weeks. Slow down and enjoy it.

If you need help taking it all in stride, come in and grab yourself a Gratitude jar. Gratitude will change everything from a stressed schedule to a bad vacation. Practice it daily and see your mood lift. Fill it with snacks and you’ll feel even better.

gratitude jar - Nixon & Co Boutique






 There you have it. Summer’s here and you have 30 seconds before you see your first back-to-school ads. Don’t waste them. Come in today or shop online to celebrate your wonderful self. You did it, girlfriend!

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