Summer’s Here, Officially. Here’s How to Officially Start It Off

It always seems like old news, doesn’t it? School’s out, the pool is open, and it’s 100 degrees out. Yet, just right now is the official start to summer. Regardless, this means we can tell you officially why you need to shop now.

First: The water is calling.

It’s time to dive in and head right to your nearest pool, lake or, err, city fountain. But although the schedules are slower and the mood is relaxed, this is not an occasion to slack off. People are watching.

Summer Fashion - Nixon & Co Boutique

Okay, maybe not this guy. But others are. And you want to look your best. Whether you’re pool-side, lake-side, or sprinkler-side, a great way to rock your summer is with these great ideas for coverups.

This ivory crochet poncho is sheer sass. You can wear it over a bralette or bando. And importantly, you can wear it over your suit. Let people know you’re an expert at more than juice boxes and lunchables. You also know style.

Ivory Crochet Poncho 3 - Nixon & Co Boutique

Another look that’s great for a coverup? The Black & Cream Pattern Duster. This lightweight frock has a fun pattern and finished details. It’s easy to throw on over your suit or over shorts. You’ll want to wear it all summer long. Officially.

 Black & Cream Pattern Duster - Nixon & Co Boutique

One more idea? Say yay to crochet. This hot number, the Moss Crochet Knit Dress, can be worn over a tank and jeans, and of course over your suit for a sexy, vintage beach vibe.

Moss Crochet Knit Dress - Nixon & Co Boutique

Second: Rethink that sweater.

That’s right! It’s still sweater weather. And we have the perfect one for hitting the pool. Right here, ladies!

Summer Don't do - Nixon & Co Boutique

Okay. We’re kidding. This sweater suit is clearly meant for the lake.

Alright, honestly. No, we don’t condone this look and we’re terrified at what can be found on the Internet. But, we are serious about sweaters and sweater-like looks. Why? Because they make great coverups (especially if you’ve already bought a hair suit).

For example, check out this Snake Print Kimono Cardigan. This looks great over any outfit year-round. And in the summer it makes for a sexy, statement-piece coverup. Ssssssss-sister, you’ll love this!

Snake Print Kimono Cardigan -Nixon & Co Boutique

Third: Take the right steps.

With the official start of summer, we have to take a moment to warn you of the shoe  pitfalls. There are many, but we’re here to guide you through them. Here are a few looks not to pursue.

Super shocks. We get it, you’re active. You have to get to the office, and to swim team, and to Target. All in 30 seconds. But there’s more to summer than speed. And if your first criteria for footwear involves rubber and Velcro, please jump back!

Summer Don't Do - Nixon & Co Boutique

Painful steppers. While it’s hard to envision yourself watching Mork and Mindy in any other shoe, we must stop you there. These lethal numbers shouldn’t have been legal in 1982, and they certainly have no business here in 2018. If these wood clompers are in your closet, please toss them now. Or just leave them in the path of your worst enemy – so they can step on them sideways.

Summer Don't Do - Nixon & Co Boutique

Rubber jellies. Summer can make it tempting to wear light-hearted shoes and explore your frivolous side. But no. No, no, no. We can practically see the bacteria forming and we can hear the shoes squeaking. Unless you’re four, please pass on these rubber beauties.

Summer Don't Do - Nixon & Co Boutique

Finally: Take it to new heights.

Of course, we’re here to tell you what you should wear instead, and we have some great shoe ideas. We’re not talking flipflops or strappy flats. We’re talking high wedges that bring a touch of elegance and sexiness to every summer outfit!

Check out the Brown Leather Platform Wedge Sandal:

 Brown Leather Platform Wedge Sandal - Nixon & Co Boutique

Or the Camel Rayanne Peep-toe Platform Wedge:

Camel Rayanne Peep-toe Platform Wedge - Nixon & Co Boutique

Or the classy Slate Woven Leather Wedge Sandal:

slate woven sandal - Nixon & Co Boutique

All these looks let you combine the fun of sandals with the glamour of heels. They’re comfy and classy, and chances are we have your size. Grab yours now for some extra height on the patio, in the beer garden, or in line at the concession stand.

So ladies, summer is here, but the clock is ticking. You have, in some cases, only eight weeks left. Officially. Get out there and take in the heat with style that sizzles. Visit us online, or swing by. We’ll wear our best suit.

Summer Don't Do - Nixon & Co Boutique


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