The best unique gifts are here – We swear by it.

It’s true. We have the best unique gifts both online and in all of Castle Rock.
And we do swear. But only for emphasis, as in: “Hell no! You don’t have to go to the mall for this $#!%! We’ve got it all here.” 
The shopping season has arrived, and it’s the ideal time to visit Nixon & Co in the Meadows Town Center, or shop online at Nixon & Co Boutique. Kick off the holidays and send the perfect message to your loved one.
 We have the classiest of choices
As professionals in style, we empower ourselves to say what’s on our minds. And we help you do the same thing. Only at Nixon & Co can you find gifts that let you:
~Make her smile first thing in the morning:
    Cheer up fucker mug
    ~Tell her you support her career:
      Welcome to the shitshow
      ~Encourage her to stay hydrated
      Thirsty bitch
      We have cool AF greeting cards that don’t mess around
      If you don’t know what AF means, ask your teenager. But here’s a hint: Never give your teen this card:
      Doesn't matter your age, you're still hot AF
      Or probably not this one either.
      But ladies – gentlemen – you know there is some classy B!%$# in your life who deserves to be recognized, and we have the cards to do it.
      We also have gifts that acknowledge the struggle. It’s real.
      That special lady in your life has to go to work, clean the house, raise the kids, and select her wine. Every single day. But what she deserves to do is nap. She knows it, and you know it.
      Let her know you understand, you sensitive man you. Skip buying her the coloring books of mind-numbing patterns and angst. This is the only book she’ll need.
      If you have a serious side, we have gifts for that too. Seriously.
      Both here and at our amazing boutique in the heart of the Meadows in Castle Rock, there is always a cool AF selection of jewelry, scarves, home décor, accessories, and clothing. You can’t go wrong. And if you need advice on finding the best unique gifts -- from women in the know -- we’re here to help. We don’t even judge. Unless there’s wine.
      As you shop this holiday season, be sure to stop by Nixon & Co, or visit us online. And remember: Gratitude Changes Everything. If you have problems keeping that in mind, you can always buy this classy jar. It’s here. Waiting for you.
       Gratitude jar
      And one more thing. Remember this:
      You know what happens when the special woman in your life doesn’t get what she wants for Christmas? She goes out the next day and buys it for herself. Save her the hassle. She’s busy. And she should be napping. Come in today.

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