You’re Still Sexy, You Sexy Senior!

No, not you, you sexy 12th grader. Although with the senior pic poses these days, we could mean high school seniors. But head back to class, saucy minors. The people we’re actually talking to are sexy senior citizens!

This is because it’s Senior Citizen Day, August 21! On this special day, we want to show our respect.

Because … we see you there.

There’s no need to bedazzle your walker. Unless of course, you want to. We’re happy to help. But we want you to know we do see you. We know you often get the rub (And we don’t mean the good kind.) The truth is the jokes are often on you. Do you pick pants or diapers? That DEPENDS! Aggh! Thanks for that, Amber!

All kidding aside, seniors take some serious heat. And we’re here to call bull$&!*

Because… we love seniors.

Advanced older adults are awesome. We admire their perspective, their grit, their spunk, and specifically, their ability to not give a crap. These are folks who have seen the same trends come and go through decades and they know not to get their panties in a wad. (Of course, that’s because many of them no longer wear panties). Regardless, our seniors are the smartest among us and we want to celebrate them!

So what can we do?

Amber knows! Wheelchair races! Great idea! But, the Egg & I won’t let us use their parking lot, it’s not really appropriate.

How about wine? Thanks Kelly! That’s always a great idea. But, we think your other plan might be the best:

30% off – all day!

Sexy seniors, come in on August 21 and celebrate your sexy senior-ness with 30% off all products! Not sure what to get? We can help.

We’re not talking about your tried-and-true Aqua-net. We have products that will add shine to your silver and va-voom to your do! Come see what all the fuss is about!

More ways to celebrate Senior Citizen Day?

Whether it’s racing, or wine, or saving, the point is this, our senior friends: On this day, take the time to appreciate all that you are and all that you know. Here are more ways to celebrate your aging self:

Invest in you. While you’re stocking up on product at Nixon and Company, browse our boutique. We have amazing wares for ladies of all ages. We’re multi-generational! Check out this versatile Kantha Bead Necklace. Wear it long or wrap it for a layered look.

Nixon & Co Boutique - kantha bead long necklace

And this easy-access Tadesse Bucket Bag. Wear it over the shoulder or over your body.

Nixon & Co Boutique - Tadesse Bucket Bag

Make fun of young people. Another way to celebrate: Give em crap right back. You get to hear all the jokes about your driving, your slowness, and your tendency to start every conversation with “back in my day…” So instead, turn the tables. Google “Millennials Memes” and get the party started.

Nixon & Co Boutique - old man

Mess with young people. When you grow tired of laughing at the younger generations, turn it up a notch. Ask your daughter whether King Soopers sells condoms. Ask your grandson if you can borrow a vape pen. Pour yourself some wine and give them something to talk about.

Finally, old dear friend, we love you. Come in for 30% off. And if you’re not a senior, then find a senior and do something nice for them. Show them the respect they deserve, or you won’t win the race of life. In a wheelchair or not.

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